Actioneer AM: the Action Messenger™

Actioneer AM at last makes the Mobile Web what it is supposed to be: an ever-ready resource, easily accessible via your wireless phone.

Download Actioneer from the App Store

Actioneer gets you to any Web page on the planet with just one touch.  Easier than typing in a URL  Easier than going to your browser and clicking on a bookmark. Easier even than going to your Home Page and clicking on an app that takes you there. It’s the easiest way to get to any page on the Web. And it does not entail downloading an app from the Website, one that may or may not be available. It is useful for everyone, especially for blind or visually impaired users.

You can get to any page you want just by clicking an icon or typing two characters. And you get to assign which two, so they can be easy to remember. For example, you might assign “mw” to get the local marine weather forecast from NOAA. You can do this for any Web page you want to visit, invoking a User Created Action.  You create one by filling in a few blanks in a simple form, very much like creating a bookmark.

Install it now in your iPhone. It’s free. Coming soon for other phones and computer types.

You will find that Actioneer is

  • EASY. It’s the easiest way to get to any Web page on the planet. (more)
  • SURE.  Does what you tell it to do, no “guessing” what you want. (more)
  • SAFER. Logs you in ‘invisibly’ to password-enabled Web sites. Protects against identity theft, fosters better password practices. (more)

The Actioneer Action Messenger is a smart browser that sends software agents off to execute actions for you.  You can:

  • Get quicker, easier access to any open Web data.
  • Enjoy ‘invisible’ log-in to password-protected Web sites.
  • Carry all your passwords everywhere, securely encrypted on your mobile phone.

Come to  from your iPhone, then download the free Actioneer app. Click here to download.

(For now, download will occur only for iPhone devices. Soon,  Actioneer AM will be available for other popular phones and desktop or laptop devices.)

To Enterprise IT managers:

Distribute Actioneer to your users to enhance data security and speed authorized access, improving both utilization of IT resources and end-user productivity.

To Website managers:

Increase traffic to your site by making it easier for users to visit you. Contact us to find out how you can make access easier for your visitors by making Actioneer available to them.