Why Actioneer

What is Actioneer?

Actioneer AM is an APP TOOL that moves you from the ‘Internet of Things’ to the Internet of MY Things.

It connects you to any of your online accounts, secure web applications, or to any  web page.  It quickly brings you information for viewing or changing.  No more need to fill out login screens and no fear of data compromise by having the target site store a cookie on your device with your password.  Instead of requiring  a series of actions to locate a particular app on your phone, then launching it and logging into an account, Actioneer lets you access that secure account via a quick touch or command. It combines the functions of password manager and browser.   Getting access to  your data, especially data protected by password, has never been faster. As more and more of your “things” get connected to the Internet, you can control them more simply and securely – and almost all are protected by password.

Actioneer is favored by enterprises and individuals alike.  It brings quick connectivity in this age of faster action required by businesses and individuals. Being able to access information quickly at the touch of a finger brings the kind of speed and execution needed to stay at the forefront of the mobile digital revolution. From the supply chain to the automated factory floor, there is a huge need for better and faster access to machines and data which cuts through old ways of bogged down navigation. Change the setting of your thermostat, raise or lower your garage door, turn on or off a  process remotely, check your health data in your app tracking account more quickly and intuitively. This is what Actioneer enables, all from your mobile phone.

It brings this faster way to connect to any kind of business, so you can quickly read a secure data base or upload the latest information to it, follow the latest news story, buy an e-book, or make airline reservations or rent-a-car service.

It connects you quickly, through one touch, to a variety of sources, so that instead of navigating your mobile phone to your favorite site or online store, logging in, and doing a search before seeing results, you can with one touch invoke a search on an item in a particular location. You can see how many items are in  inventory. You can execute a purchase much more easily.

Actioneer comes with a set of preloaded ‘Actions’, and you can easily add more.

For the enterprise wanting better access to their vast network of password -protected databases and for individuals wanting to increase their productivity:

Actioneer AM – the smart phone app which brings you from the ‘Internet of Things’, to the ‘Internet of My Things’.

Actioneer AM