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Why Actioneer?

Actioneer AM saves time and hassle. And, it’s more secure. 

Actioneer doesn’t try to guess what you want. You tell it what to do and it does it. Unfailingly.

It is the easiest, safest and surest way to any Web page on the planet.

You get wherever you want to go, quicker than by any other means. (After creating an Action, much like creating a bookmark. But using Actioneer is faster and easier than using a bookmark.) .

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To go a particular Web page, you just select an Action to go there, either by choosing its icon or entering a short keyword. Actioneer navigates to the page, which presents you with the results you want without you having to open your browser, and either selecting “bookmarks” and picking the bookmark you want, or navigating manually to the site. You don’t have to open your browser, or even get to the device Home Page. Just select the Action you want
And Actioneer can do more. It can drill down at the site, to trigger a search, for example.
For password-protected sites, it logs you in to the site along the way, then drills down to perform an action for you. Actioneer does auto-login “invisibly”, requires no input from the user.
When you enter “bk gatsby”, Actioneer not only goes to the Amazon site to conduct the search for “gatsby”, it also logs you into your personal Amazon account along the way, with no additional input from you. (It uses your encrypted user name and password, in executing the Action “Amazon Book Search”, which logs you in to Amazon and searches for books.)
Actioneer’s prize-winning Action Messaging software has won high praise for speeding access to the Web. The new version raises Actioneer to a new level that enables easy access to password-protected Web sites from your cell phone..
You can install Actioneer’s Action Messenger now in your BlackBerry, and it will soon be available for other mobile phones.

Automatic log-in is easier—and enhances security.

Actioneer prevents ID theft by keyloggers and other snoopers, and keeps you from inadvertantly getting to, designed to look exactly like your bank’s log in page.

Action Messaging saves time and keystrokes.

Just enter an action message and select the action desired, and an Actioneer agent goes to work for you, navigating to the needed destination and executing the action. For example, just enter “wsj interest rates” and Actioneer, triggered by the keyword “wsj”, navigates to the password-protected Wall Street Journal site, logs you in to your account, and drills down to fetch and present articles on “interest rates”..

Similarly, you can post data to a secure Web-accessible data base, including multi-field data.

Each user has their own set of Actions.

An Action determines the particular resource you can reach via Actioneer, and the specific action steps to be taken there. Each Action is specied by an Action Data Set that includes default keywords and user prompt prompt informatin that is displayed when the Action is selected, either by keyword or icon selection.

Actioneer comes with a set of Actions for commonly needed results. Beyond those in the set supplied by Actioneer, additional Actions for new Web destinations are provided by users themselve who can create an Action for any Web page, much as they now create bookmarks. Actions can also be created by an IT department, to facilitate access to its corporate databases. Finally, Actions can be created by any Web site owner who wants to increase traffic to their Website by making it more accessible and safer to visit.

Actioneer fosters increased use of the Web.

Because Web access is so much easier via Actioneer, you will find yourself making more use of Web resources. Especially from your handheld phone.

For example, excellent free Web dictionaries have long been available, but pointing and clicking your way to look up an unfamiliar word is often just too much bother. But with Actioneer, you just enter the word, type “lu”, click, and the definition of the word appears. (The keyword is “lu”, for lookup.)

Other keywords likely to increase your utilization of Web resources include wp to look up something inWikipedia.

For smartphones, it puts “the Web in your pocket.” Actioneer makes it really easy to use the Mobile Web, fulfilling its promise at last.