Action Messaging is Safer

Web users need better security. Normally, you can make your home more secure by adding more locks to the front door, but opening those new locks will decrease accessibility.  Actioneer may be unique in that it increases both security and accessibility at the same time.

How does it do that? it uses Action Messaging, which allows automatic, invisible log-in to password-protected data. So it increases accessibility by making the log-in process invisible to the user – invisible in that the user need not do anything to get logged in to a password-protected data source, on the Web or elsewhere.

Why is this more secure? The destination URL for a Web-based data source is contained within the Action file used by the Actioneer Action Messenger.  In contrast, a URL you enter manually may include a wrong character due to a typographical error. The bad guys often create a phony Web site with a mistyped URL, designed to look just like the site you want to enter.  So you think you are at the site you want, but you are at, where you are presented with what appears to be the normal log-in page asking for your user name and password, so you dutifully enter them.  The bad guys now have both, and they then send you off to the correct destination, even logging you in there, so you never know that they have done their evil deed.

By preventing this form of “phishing”, Actioneer AM provides a safer, more secure way to log-in to password-protected Websites. 

It also prevents ID theft by keylogger software inadvertantly present in your cell phone or snoops loooking over your shoulder to note your credentials as you type them in.

Actioneer also lets you improve your passwords. You can use a different one for each account, long, meaningless and a mixture of character types – upper case, lower case, numerals and symbols. No one can do this by memorizing all those differerent passwords, but it is easy to do with Actioneer.

You can avoid “remember me on this computer”, which sets a cookie with your password in it. Not good practice.

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