Actioneer is Easy

It is easier to get things done with Actioneer.  You don’t have to hassle with user names and passwords to get entry to a password-protected Website.  More and more Websites are password-protected, as they add features that require user accounts, either for financial transactions or just to allow behavior tailored to individuals, as many Cloud services do. And many of the “things” that can now be controlled from the Web must be password-protected.  Actioneer turns the Internet Of Things to the Internet of MY Things.

Action Messaging is Easier.

When a friend you encounter says “The book club will be reading ‘The Great Gatsby’ next, you should pick up a copy”, you don’t immediately pull out your cell phone and order it because doing that takes too many steps. But suppose you could just enter “bk gatsby” to see a list of available titles at your online bookseller?

That’s what Actioneer does, saving you many steps by doing them for you. Using Action Messaging, it dispatches agents that navigate to your online bookseller, logs you in to your account there, then navigates to a search page, enters the string “gatsby”, and triggers a search. Select a title and you can easily buy it.

Years ago, people began talking about “single sign-on”.  Within an enterprise, many data sources needed password protection, and the plethora of passwords that an individual accumulated needed a solution in the form of a single password that would gain entry to all those data sources.

Actioneer is “single sign-on” with a vengeance, because it can serve an individual not only for data sources within the enterprise but also for Websites outside the enterprise, including those that are password-protected. With Actioneer’s Action Messaging, logging in to a password-protected data source is truly invisible, whether within the enterprise or on the Web.  There is no difference to an Actioneer user between an open data source and a password-protected one.  The same simple interface does the job in both cases: enter any data needed, and select the Action to be executed, either by entering a short keyword anywhere in the message or by selecting the Action from a list.

Actioneer then goes about its business to execute the selected Action. If log-in is needed along the way, it does that with no special input from the user. The user arrives at their selected destination with no effort at all needed for the log-in part of the process.

And Action Messaging can execute additional steps at the selected destination, like inserting user data into a search box and triggering a search.

By making it much easier to get things done, Action Messaging opens up the Web. Smartphone users find that they use the Web more.  Many of them go to the Web far less than they could, simply because getting where they want to go is so complicated.  By making it really easy to use the Web via your smartphone, Action Messaging makes the Mobile Web far more accessible to you.  Using both open and password-protected sites, you will find yourself doing things with it you would never try now.

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